Please register to our forum with your Main character's name (for simplicity purposes). Very easy and only takes 2 minutes!


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Post  Shadowkiller on Mon 18 Oct 2010, 3:10 pm

Before applying to Aberrant please make sure you have registered to the website with your main character name as your user name for the simplicity.
You must follow the template below and answer all questions fully and truthfully. Remember this is your first impression on the guild. After you have posted your application the guild members and officers will review it; asking questions and making comments. Also note that we are not asking these questions because we are jerks, we do it so we can get to know who you are. With that being said please follow these instructions:
1. Copy the application template (CTRL+C) which is located below the dotted line on this page.
2. Start a new topic.
3. Title the topic "Application: Class, Spec - Character name".
4. Paste the copied application template that is located below the dotted line (CTRL+V) into the new topic you have just started. Answer the questions with as much detail as possible and with the required things we ask.
5. Click send.
6. Wait for a response; this can take from one day to three days. Please be patient. Messaging people in the guild will not increase the speed of us to review your application.
7. Check back often as we might have questions for you or a response. If you do not answer our questions/comments within a week we assume you are no longer interested in applying for the guild and close your application.

What is your character name, spec and class?

Please give a link to your character's World of Warcraft armory page. Please make sure you are logged out in your raiding gear.

How old are you?

Say something about yourself. What you do outside of raids, your hobbies, style of music, or just whatever. We are a very closely-knit group, we want our new members to be the same.

If you were a Justin Bieber song which one would you be and why?

Are you able to make the majority of the raids without a problem, not be late or leave early? (Note: Most raids are from 4:45-8:00 server time)

What other guilds have you been with, with in the past year? Why did leave these guilds or want to leave them? (Note: all information is confidential)

Do you have a reliable computer and internet connection that will not consistently disconnect you during a boss fight/raid?

Do you have Ventrilo installed along with a working microphone and headset that does not create static in the background? Are you nervous in vent or have any trouble talking socially?

Is there anyone we could contact on Anvilmar if we wanted to get further information on who you are or how you play? Why do you recomend this person?

Do you understand that after this application we will contact you for a meeting in Ventrilo and place you under a two week trial basis if you are accepted?
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