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Application Shaman/resto/enchance 364ilvl/ Lökïßëär

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Application Shaman/resto/enchance 364ilvl/ Lökïßëär

Post  Lokibear/Kelly on Fri 29 Jul 2011, 9:38 pm

What is your character name, spec and class? Lökïßëär, Resto main. Off - Enhance. Shaman

Please give a link to your character's World of Warcraft armory page. Please make sure you are logged out in your raiding gear.

How old are you? 18

Say something about yourself. What you do outside of raids, your hobbies, style of music, or just whatever. We are a very closely-knit group, we want our new members to be the same. I like to fish, Four wheeling, Riding dirtbikes, Going out to eat, Mabley dancing.

If you were a Justin Bieber song which one would you be and why? Love me - Because i like to be loved Smile

Are you able to make the majority of the raids without a problem, not be late or leave early? (Note: Most raids are from 4:45-8:00 server time) Im usley on all day everyday. I do take depression medicine sometimes will make me sick but usley i suck it up. But i love to raid.

What other guilds have you been with, with in the past year? Why did leave these guilds or want to leave them? (Note: all information is confidential) Riders of the Horde, Ambient. Riders i got kicked because i was gettin help with hunter gear and newsoul didnt like it for some reason, Ambient i dont like there loot system. I went to raid with them. Rolled on Shoulders an Helm an they gave it to people who already had it.

Do you have a reliable computer and internet connection that will not consistently disconnect you during a boss fight/raid? Just got my Computer. I did 25 man an 10 man np.

Do you have Ventrilo installed along with a working microphone and headset that does not create static in the background? Are you nervous in vent or have any trouble talking socially? O have vent. good mic. An im not nervous but if i am disrespected by another woman i will cause a scene.
Is there anyone we could contact on Anvilmar if we wanted to get further information on who you are or how you play? Why do you recomend this person? Boomtasic.

Do you understand that after this application we will contact you for a meeting in Ventrilo and place you under a two week trial basis if you are accepted? Yes. I understand fullley.
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Re: Application Shaman/resto/enchance 364ilvl/ Lökïßëär

Post  Hellsceam on Fri 29 Jul 2011, 10:07 pm

Thank you for Applying i have looked at ur spec and geming i have a few question and seeing we have 2 raiding resto shamans and a priest our healer slots are full but on the other hand we need dps. seeing ur in vent already ill ask them there
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